About GMS

A visual artist from the Red Sea coast, and because I am the daughter of the coast, I was born in Jeddah and grew up in Yanbu and now live in Rabigh, I am always surrounded by the beauty of the sea in its tides

So I started a project that includes a series of paintings inspired by the depths of the Red Sea.. I plunged into marine World and was amazed that the beauty in the depths outweighed the beauty that dazzled me on the coast.

Use colors in one palette and in another palette I make colors with resources that I find in the coast, such as shells and beach sand

Since my parents gave me a drawing board base when I was in the sixth grade, I believed that I would become a visual artist with a name in this wide world.. Since then, I have not left painting and colors, I searched for the best courses in color science and I still practice and apply and in each painting I live a new and unique experience, I try hard to convey this to you through my YouTube channel .. I wish you a pleasant tour between my pages