:A painting inspired by the Red Sea Snail 


This snail feeds on red corals so divers always find it with it. 

This painting I decided to make its colors myself, I used the white color of the shells, and the brown tones of the beach sand and the adjacent soil. As for the red color of the red brick, black from charcoal, and orange from turmeric. 

The process of making colors took me time and effort, but it was a very pleasant journey. 

I started by selecting the raw materials, then grinding, filtering and softening them by manually grinding them again after they were soaked with water for a whole day, then filtering the water and extracting the remaining powder with the filter after it dries completely and grinding it again.. 

The painting is very captivating, not only conveying an image, but also a touch of the land of the coast.


(The video of the painting will be uploaded soon )

The painting is offered for purchase for 1200 SR 

Size: 29.7 *42 CM 

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