:A steamer made of coral stones

!..I saw in a park near the beach a large white coral rock, I marveled at its details, I didn't know then that this stone was once a living being in the depths of the sea 

I marveled at the protrusions that form in it and the precise geometric engraving Hallelujah.. After searching for it, I found that this stone is the victim of a phenomenon called coral bleaching 

This stone was once saturated with color, it was a shelter, a playground for many species of fish. 

The main reasons for this phenomenon are high water temperature and pollution. 

This masterpiece is very expressive, the smoke symbolizes the pollution that engulfed the coral and turned it into a solid stone !

Corals have a symbiotic relationship with algae as the algae provide them with food by photosynthesis.. It is worth noting that the colors of coral reefs are due to the type of algae that inhabits them. Therefore, when coral reefs are exposed to external influences such as high temperature or pollution, they expel algae from them until they gradually turn into a transparent structure that is white in color, thereby losing life and inhabiting the place after it was teeming with a huge variety of marine living creatures. 


And because man is an alien in this land, the actual reconstruction of it is not its destruction.. 

On the positive side, KAUST and Neom are making great efforts to protect the environment of the Red Sea and the diversity of creatures in it. A Red Sea Research Center has been established and the brightest scientists and researchers in this field have been attracted to restore coral reefs and ensure their reproduction. 

I will put here a link to an article explaining the achievements they have achieved so far, which makes us proud that the Red Sea has become the largest marine research laboratory and a beacon for the whole world. 

Article link : https://www.kaust.edu.sa/ar/news/kaust-reefscape-restoration-initiative-at-shushah-island


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